That’s right.

I said it.

Your idea is not worth anything.

Before you try to tell me that I need to sign an NDA because you’re worried I am going to “steal” your idea. I would like to share 3 bits of reality that is my reality.

  1. I do not have an army of programmers at my disposal 24-hours a day that have the ability to replicate my understanding of your drunken slurring rendition of a Guy Kawasaki 10-page investor deck that you “aren’t even going to need because your idea is that great!”
  2. Your NDA is not air-tight. Neither is mine. Neither are any of them.
  3. Execution creates value. Not diagramming out your idea in the air like your Tom Cruise in Minority Report.
Tom Cruise Minority Report

Ok, maybe if you’re Tom Cruise, but then I’d like to see you jumping on some sofas as well.

Prototype is the new powerpoint deck.

Most technologies are available for cheap and/or free. If you can not navigate your way to a prototype, I write down in the moleskine in my mind:


You know what I don’t write down?

“WOW, this guy is sitting on a 1 BILLION dollar idea, if only he had 500 dollars to build a prototype, THEN, by George, the world would see!”.

Are you kidding me?

  • You have an idea on how to sell popsicles with custom graphics? show me a prototype.
  • You think you’re going to be the next instagram? show me a prototype.
  • Oh really? it’s a mashup of some complex data that your patent-pending algorithm slices and dices through some wizardry? You guessed it. Show me a prototype.

Ideas are good. Ideas are very seldom bad. Ok, some ideas are just wrong. But generally, ideas exist on a spectrum, but no where on that spectrum is “worth” calculated.

Worth = value created.

Value creation is a function of execution.

Therefore, through transitive property, Worth is function of execution.

Here, let me draw you a diagram.

Straight from the project manager’s guidebook.

Global Citizen. Out.