Global Citizen here.

This time, with a teachable moment on Customer Service.

Those of you who have met me in person, know that I have one some quirks. Rather than turn this into a transcript of a session with a psychiatrist, I will share one of these quirks with you.

I always write with one particular pen – a Lamy L497, 3+1 pen (isn’t she a beauty?)

I never leave home without. I have taken photos with this pen. It has a special resting place at night. It completes me. WHAT?? Don’t. You. Judge. Me.

Steve Jobs is to Issay Miyake turtlenecks, as I am to my Lamy pen.

As it turns out, one day, tragedy and I crossed paths. I met tragedy, and tragedy won – ripping my Lamy pen out of my life. Rendering me to a life of – dare I say – disposable relationships pens.

As I was pondering next steps and my future without my Lamy pen, I decided to sit down and write Lamy a letter. To express to them the special place that this pen had come to pencil/pen in my life.

Below is the letter that I wrote to Lamy.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bernhard M. Rösner
C. Josef Lamy GmbH
Grenzhöfer Weg 32
69123 Heidelberg, Germany

Dear Mr Rösner:

My name is Mike Davis, and today something very sad happened to me. This event was so sad that I could not concentrate on my work any longer and had to – immediately and without further delay – sit down and write you an account of this tragically saddening event.

Today, Wednesday May 15, 2013, I lost my Lamy L497 3+1 pen.

You see Mr. Rösner, I love my Lamy pen. Believe me when I tell you I do not leave my house without my Lamy pen – such a terrific matte black finish accentuated by that dazzling silver. Post-it note writing, doodling, even contract signings are just a few of my favorite activities – due to a large part because of my Lamy pen. It’s not just me that is affected by this loss. Many of my shirt pockets are going to be saddened by my recent loss as well, as their constant companion will no longer be present to provide a sense of confidence and comfort – “Sssh, my dear pocket, everything is going to be ok, for I am made of sturdy construction and elegant German design sensibility”. Oh, the horror!

I feel like a child on Christmas, writing a note to Santa. Mr. Rösner, I promise you, if you see enough kindness in your heart to send me another L497 3+1 in matte black, I will attach it by string to my hand so I never lose it again.

Why don’t I just purchase another pen you might ask? Because I wanted to share with you Sir, how much your product has affected my life. Also, I believe that kindness still exists.

I am hopeful you feel the same.

A dear fan of your products,

Michael Davis
Lamy Lover

Now, mind you, I was not expecting a response. What were the odds that a company (successful company at that) located in Germany, would respond to a guy living in New York City?

My friends took both sides of the bet.

Weeks went by – it wasn’t looking very good. Disposable pen after disposable pen, there was no more joy in handwriting anything.

Until a few days ago!

I got a short and concise response via e-mail

Dear Mr Davis

Sometimes wishes come true.
During this week a little package will leave on its long journey…

Kind regards

C. Josef Lamy GmbH

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t intend to go into a lecture about the purchase funnel, nor about the concepts of social media (I snail-mailed a letter). The lesson here is simple.

Before this incident: I loved the pens that Lamy made.

After this incident: I love the people who make Lamy pens.

In a world where Cost per Acquisition is measurable – and Customer Loyality is the ultimate prize, some leaders of the pack often use multi-million dollar campaigns to drive to loyalty. Others send 2 sentence emails to a New Yorker who was sad about losing his favorite pen.

Now, for the Debbie Downers who think this was just a ploy to get an awesome pen. I am going to put my money where my mouth is.

I, Global Citizen, will give $10 dollars to the first 10 people who purchase a Lamy pen. The “rules” are simple.

  1. Support this amazing company by purchasing one of their pens.
  2. Comment on this article, letting me know that you purchased one of their pens.
  3. I will get in touch with you to verify your purchase (save your receipt).
  4. I will send you a check for $10 USD.

Thank you Lamy for taking the time to read, and respond to my letter.

Global Citizen. Out.


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