Global Citizen here.

It’s lunchtime here in casa de ciudadano del mundo. As I was contemplating my lunch dining options, I chuckled, thinking about a memory… something resembling deja vu…

I had been here before. This was a scene I was familiar with.

Opening the packaging of the 39 cent sodium-laden goodness, and placing it in a bowl, I was reminded of the time I launched my first business. Unique Davis Solutions, Take 1 — dreams of building a technology consultancy focused on business intelligence – such hopes of greatness that I imagined all the dust clouds that my competition would be left in. Very shortly followed by feelings of impending doom and gloom as both of the towers fell in NYC. Sad days. Very grim grim days.

The next three months were dismal. No sales. NONE. No income and rising debt. That debt quickly became a MOUNTAIN of debt. What was I going to do?

Amongst other cost cutting measures, I decided to eat ramen. I was going to cut all expenses down to the bone, until I figured out what I was going to do. I learned many years later that it’s called “cash management” and “cash preservation”. But back then, I only knew it as, ramen was the cheapest thing available to eat so I wouldn’t starve.

I eventually grew to hate ramen. It didn’t take long. Opening, what seemed to be the millionth package of ramen, I despised those noodles. I was angry at the ramen.

So I sat down, and thought about what I was going to do — with my sodium levels creeping into the stratosphere, and not being creative enough to film an analogous “super size me” movie — I started scanning Craiglist for freelance jobs. No response. Not a one.

Dinner time, Another package of ramen.

What was I going to do? The panic was setting in. The credit card statements kept coming…. mmm…. another forkful of ramen.

I have to give credit to Sergey – a great Visual Basic developer I was working with then – he said… “Mike, sell some flooring work, my dad owns a tile shop”.

There it was. The glimmer of hope. The “what now” question had been answered. Though, weak, and lacking a lot of fundamentals, it was better than anything else I had cooking at the time, which was NOTHING. So there it was, Unique Davis Solutions, Take 2. I will save this story for a different day — starting out in the flooring trade, then adding kitchen and bathrooms trade, then getting into speculation. But I remember the day I went to the store and bought real protein, using cash, from a real salary, from what shaped out to be a pretty good run as a General Contractor in residential construction.

Chicken Pizziola

That night, I made chicken pizziola — though it looked nothing like this one here.

Why am I telling this story? Because Global Citizen Experiment, v2.0. I’m in the thick of it again. Same passion, new thesis, new teams, together with some new skills, let’s see if we can make opportunities happen. Bootstrapping our way to yet another story.

Have a great day beautiful people!

Global Citizen. Out.