Global Citizen here.

Following up my post about Ramen, I came to find out about Dutch photographer Erik Klein Wolterink. It is such a small world. As many of you know, I have a fond place in my heart for both the Netherlands and photography. Rather than turning this article into a name-dropping session only to be rivaled by TMZ, I will keep the “how?” short, and focus on the “so what? “.

If you’ve been following this blog since the beginning, you’ll know that I once started a photography business via a webshow that I created. Episode after episode, I met real entrepreneurs who were doing real things –all of them startups, trying to make it. Meanwhile, I too started a business, walking through the fundamentals of the business on the show –in this case a photography business. Which then turned into an international photography business. In Amsterdam. Using Amsterdam-based photographers. London. Using London-based photographers (I will not list out every major city, don’t worry).

Fast forward to a few years ago, my friend Daphne reached out to me, we caught up on life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, business, and of course kitchens. Kitchens you ask? Yes. Kitchens. So I put her in touch with my friend Sarah, lover all things food, and owner of one of the greatest residential kitchen setups in NYC and their relationship blossomed –introduce Erik.

So as it turns out, Erik is a friend of a friend of a friend. But that’s just the beginning of what makes this story awesome.

Erik is into kitchens. In a real way. He photographs kitchens, carefully and systematically. Every shelf, Every cup. Every Tool. All of it. Layer on some cultural awareness, and BOOM. You have Kitchen Portraits of Amsterdam in 2011. Exhibition + Published Book. Done and Dusted. Truly “we are what we eat”.

But wait.

It gets better.

Erik Klein is coming to NYC

That’s right, he’s coming to New Amsterdam. Need I remind you, Istanbul was once Constantinople.

He will be in NYC mid-April to early May to do preliminary scouting.
What does this mean for you?

Well, if you believe that a kitchen is a metaphor for a complex, multicultural reality AND you want to be involved in his next project, let me know! If you’d like to find out more about him and his project and then decide if you’d like to introduce your kitchen to the life of a working model kitchen 😉 Erik is looking for NYC kitchens to photograph. Equal Opportunity Ethnic Kitchen Photography here my friends (EOEKP). That’s right, I just made that acronym up.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Global Citizen. Out.


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