Global Citizen here.

Meet the McLobster.

Meet the McLobster.

After some reflection, conversation, <insert other ominous sounding communication mechanisms>, I have decided to take down the original post, and instead replace it with a brief pontification about the nature of experiments. Even THIS VERY blog post was iterative – how’s THAT for practicing what you preach? Why you ask?

All the cool kids are doing it.

  1. Rovio got to Angry Birds after 51 other less successful games.
  2. Coca-cola came out with Coke II, do you even remember that?
  3. Would you like McLobster sauce with that? Yeah. The McLobster.

So what does this mean for this blog? To quote Bob Dylan, “Keep on keepin’ on”. We’re adjusting. We’re moving on.

Here’s how we adjust.

  1. Let’s take a product: Anchovies.
  2. Let’s take a problem opportunity: The unfortunate halitosis that ensues after consumption of these delicious morsels.
  3. Let’s iterate.
  4. Let’s have some fun.
  5. Let’s see where this gem ends up! Nothing is off limits (let’s at least TRY to keep it clean). Market sizing help. Taglines. Logos. Anything you feel like contributing is fair game.

Much love!

Global Citizen. Out.