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Author: @globalcitizen

She said YES!

Introducing the future Mrs. Global Citizen. An entirely off-topic post, but I’m super excited to share this news, so I’m going to do exactly that. On 12/12/12, I asked my girlfriend Wiktoria to marry me — and she said YES!. How does this alter the¬†experiment? It doesn’t. Because she knows what she’s getting into ūüėõ All further updates regarding W + I can be found at our personal site : Wish us well! Global Citizen. Out....

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Continuous Improvement

As I mentioned in my previous post, the theme for this site did not meet my original expectations of awesomeness that I have tried to mimic from all the great sites out there. But I remain committed to improving on that every day. Yesterday, this site didn’t have facebook connectivity. Today it does. Please show your love and like the articles. But perhaps the improvement enhancement I am most happy about (today), can be best summed up as: let me draw you a diagram Moving forward, I shall pepper in some diagrams into my articles. Why type when you...

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Ain’t no party like a west coast party

…cuz a west coast party don’t stop. In a previous article I talked about how I was at a New Year’s party in San Francisco where I met some very interesting people. Now, for some the word “interesting” is a loaded adjective, but in this context I mean it in the most innocuous (raise your hand if you got a dictionary for Christmas) way. Let me start by telling you about the house. Imagine Real World meets a technology incubator. Now, add meal plans for all the house residents. And finally – put this house on Billionaire’s Row. Yes, you heard that right. Larry Ellison lives on the block. Ok, you got the mental image of the house? Now. What does this have to do with global citizen experiment? The new experiment. Passion + Skills = Opportunity. Meet M M is a woman. M has an undergraduate degree. M also has a graduate degree. M and I had a conversation that lasted over 30 minutes, during which time she walked me through “What keeps her busy in San Francisco?” with an¬†efficiency¬†I have only seen in Singapore Chani airport. The bulleted list of accomplishments rolled off her tongue until she arrived at the bullet point “I’m also an angel investor”. It was at that point that had to ask her to stop. ALSO an angel investor? In. Addition. To. What?...

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Fancy, but not quite pantsy.

I just pressed “Publish” on my first article in a long time, and I realized that while this template is cool, it’s not quite everything that I dream it can be. I just added to my to-do list getting all the fancy social media integration set up, the way all the cool kids are doing. This is where you come in. If there is any cool new-fangled social thing that you think — “you know, globalcitizen needs to do this!” — drop me a line, comment down below, or hell, write an article about it and link back to over here, and I’ll take a looksy. Globalcitizen....

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New Year. New Site.

Hello everybody, globalcitizen here, and it has been a long long time. A lot has changed since I last posted – but I’m not going to go into that – you lived it just like I did. In 2012, I had the pleasure to ring in the new year in San Francisco, at an amazing house party filled with entrepreneurs (more on that later), and as I listened to them talk about their ideas and how they were going to take steps towards realizing their goals, I started to think about entrepreneurship. For those of you who have followed this blog since the beginning, you know that entrepreneurship is my life blood. The people at this party were beaming with excitement. Each more passionate than the other about the potential of their start-up venture, describing to me in¬†exuberant¬†(yet vague) adjectives what their business was, and how it was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. This got me thinking about my experiment. The one I had started in 2007. The original global citizen experiment. (Don’t worry, I just took a mental note to write yet another article describing¬†summarizing it for you). The original experiment was over. What did I learn? Is there a new¬†different experiment? All these thoughts coming at me, what about this, how about that? How are the people that I met during the last five years...

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