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Author: @globalcitizen

Skills Improvement

Entrepreneurs fail. That’s part of the lifestyle. Global Citizen here – I was thinking about all of the positive news that usually surrounds entrepreneurs and their lifestyles. I wondered how many times those same entrepreneurs talk about when things that they are trying — read present tense — are not going well for them. There are plenty of articles about entrepreneurs who have failed — again read past tense. This will be one article where I tried something, and am not afraid to share with you — were things are not going well — and I’m working on improving! Since last...

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Collaborative Iteration

Global Citizen here. After some reflection, conversation, <insert other ominous sounding communication mechanisms>, I have decided to take down the original post, and instead replace it with a brief pontification about the nature of experiments. Even THIS VERY blog post was iterative – how’s THAT for practicing what you preach? Why you ask? All the cool kids are doing it. Rovio got to Angry Birds after 51 other less successful games. Coca-cola came out with Coke II, do you even remember that? Would you like McLobster sauce with that? Yeah. The McLobster. So what does this mean for this blog? To quote Bob Dylan, “Keep on keepin’ on”. We’re adjusting. We’re moving on. Here’s how we adjust. Let’s take a product: Anchovies. Let’s take a problem opportunity: The unfortunate halitosis that ensues after consumption of these delicious morsels. Let’s iterate. Let’s have some fun. Let’s see where this gem ends up! Nothing is off limits (let’s at least TRY to keep it clean). Market sizing help. Taglines. Logos. Anything you feel like contributing is fair game. Much love! Global Citizen....

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Now? How about now? Ok, NOW?

Global Citizen here. My life over the last few weeks has been pretty hectic. Starting a new experiment. Articulating a new experiment. Configuring the variables. Getting a flux capacitor. I mean the list goes on and on. Today I was forwarded an article about a man who outsourced his own job to China. I do not want to spark a controversy here, but I say good on you brother. Conceptually, I agree with you. The execution was poor. But that’s a different conversation for a different time. I thought about execution. This guy actually traded one problem for a different one. The job of the indian and the job of the chief are both difficult. The indian needs time, skill, and resources to do their job. The chief needs to know how much time, skill, and resources are needed to do the job. How does this work? Communication. What needs to be communicated? Status + Estimates But it’s a balancing act, but done well, could end you up in Cirque Du Soleil. Factors that should be considered as part of the balancing act: How often does status need to be communicated How time-consuming is the status reporting process How does one increase the confidence in estimates without delaying the overall project for the creation of these estimates. Global Citizen Experiment v2 (GCEv2) will require careful attention to maintaining this...

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Your idea is not worth anything

That’s right. I said it. Your idea is not worth anything. Before you try to tell me that I need to sign an NDA because you’re worried I am going to “steal” your idea. I would like to share 3 bits of reality that is my reality. I do not have an army of programmers at my disposal 24-hours a day that have the ability to replicate my understanding of your drunken slurring rendition of a Guy Kawasaki 10-page investor deck that you “aren’t even going to need because your idea is that great!” Your NDA is not air-tight....

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She said YES!

Introducing the future Mrs. Global Citizen. An entirely off-topic post, but I’m super excited to share this news, so I’m going to do exactly that. On 12/12/12, I asked my girlfriend Wiktoria to marry me — and she said YES!. How does this alter the experiment? It doesn’t. Because she knows what she’s getting into 😛 All further updates regarding W + I can be found at our personal site : Wish us well! Global Citizen. Out....

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