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Author: @globalcitizen

Real Aid With Lemonade

Global Citizen Here This one is going to be a short post. I’m a bit too emotional to write my regular length hardy-har-har posts. Today, I want to talk about inspiration. What does inspiration mean? Where does inspiration come from? and lastly, So what? What does inspiration mean? Inspiration to me, is a source resilience. When the going gets tough, which in a start-up is quite frequently the case, inspiration is what pours that extra little bit of dig-down-deep that is necessary to see your way through the tough times. Where does inspiration come from? Inspiration can come from...

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Fat Man Running

Global Citizen here, and I’m going to tell you about yesterday. Yesterday I ran participated in a 5k race. Why would I do such a thing? My friend David and I had made a list of goals that we would like to accomplish this quarter, and in addition to some business goals, he we decided we should have some physical goals on the list too. So, “Finish a 5k” was placed on that list. No problem – it’s easy to write down an additional item on a list. Fast forward 2 weeks ago. On one of our regularly scheduled touch...

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Thank You Lamy

Global Citizen here. This time, with a teachable moment on Customer Service. Those of you who have met me in person, know that I have one some quirks. Rather than turn this into a transcript of a session with a psychiatrist, I will share one of these quirks with you. I always write with one particular pen – a Lamy L497, 3+1 pen (isn’t she a beauty?) I never leave home without. I have taken photos with this pen. It has a special resting place at night. It completes me. WHAT?? Don’t. You. Judge. Me. Steve Jobs is to...

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Open Letter to GRU Airport

Dear GRU Airport Administration, Global Citizen here and I would like to end my relationship with you. It brings me no joy in sharing my conclusion with you, as I love Brasil. I love everything about Brasil, from it’s people, to it’s food, all the way down to those little cheese balls. I believe that on the 7th day, God rested, and that guy probably started baking, because damn I love those little cheesy balls of heavenly goodness. But even melted cheese cannot repair the damage you have done to my soul in less than 24 hours. I landed...

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Erik Klein Wolterink, Kitchens in NYC

Global Citizen here. Following up my post about Ramen, I came to find out about Dutch photographer Erik Klein Wolterink. It is such a small world. As many of you know, I have a fond place in my heart for both the Netherlands and photography. Rather than turning this article into a name-dropping session only to be rivaled by TMZ, I will keep the “how?” short, and focus on the “so what? “. If you’ve been following this blog since the beginning, you’ll know that I once started a photography business via a webshow that I created. Episode after...

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