For weeks, I’ve been thinking about what the next version of Global Citizen Experiment was going to contain. This version would be the fourth time that I would sit down and do a complete overhaul of the site.

I spent weeks kvetching about the best way to go about accomplishing the goal. Then I realized that those weeks had turned into months and those months had turned into quarters. I realized I was stuck.

So I gave myself the proverbial kick-in-the-pants (no, not this kick in the pants).

Q: What would I tell any entrepreneur who found themselves in a similar situation?

A: Forget perfection. Embrace iteration. What are 3 things that I can do – actions that I can take – to jump start my blog?

And so it started. I started thinking about Global Citizen Experiment using the Agile Methodology – specifically sprints and epics and stories.

Each sprint would be one push – one concentrated set of activities that together would advance Global Citizen Experiment. Each epic would be one area of concentration. Each story would be one distinct deliverable that I can accomplish.

There is never a shortage of things to do. It’s in how you prioritize those items. I had the beginnings of a list. From that list I prioritized the three things that I would do to move the needle.

Sprint 1: Global Citizen Experiment – v4.0

As I mentioned above, stories are the basic building blocks of sprints. Groups of thematically congruent stories are called Epics. Here I will represent the sprint as an outline, but I will take it as a note to self to come up with a better way to communicate the makeup of sprints in the future.

  1. Content
    1. One meaningful public-ready article
    2. Future Article Idea #1
    3. Find a role-model for becoming a better blogger
  2. Form
    1. Update the look and feel of Global Citizen Experiment by installing a theme
    2. Find a color palette that I want to use on Global Citizen Experiment
    3. Integrate the color palette into the theme
  3. Function
    1. Integrate Google Analytics
    2. Provide a link to my twitter account
    3. Provide a link to my facebook account

Great! This plan is coming together. (Note: leave comments, let me know what you think!)

First the content…