A solid foundation is key.
By: Ed Garcia

Update the look and feel

This one is going to be relatively easy to knock out. I’m using WordPress as my blogging platform, and swapping out themes on WordPress is relatively straight forward.

Having searched a variety of very informative sites, I’ve settled on the Divi theme by Elegant Themes. The reasons for my choice were as follows:

  1. Divi is quite flexible.
  2. Divi is a meta-theme of sorts in that it lets me create quite a number of customized layouts for any number of pages that I might want to add to my site at a later date.
  3. This is the same theme that I use for the website of my latest startup – MPOWER Financing. So any lessons learned during this version of the experiment can be replicated at MPOWER.

Find a color palette

For inspiration on color palette, I like to go to Adobe Color CC, and explore themes. One thing that I like about this site is how easy it is to learn from others who clearly have a better eye for pairing different colors together.

(Note: I took a 20-minute detour and came back to writing this article)

This is the color palette I chose for Global Citizen Experiment.

I have settled on a color palette – now to integrate it into the theme.

Integrate the color palette

Two things are working in my favor at this point.

  1. Divi has a ton of customization elements built directly into the theme options.
  2. Adobe Color CC is painless to use (not to mention free) and I so I can copy and paste the hex codes into the various customization elements.

Done. Now Global Citizen Experiment – v4 is starting to take form.

Next up… Function