The Rube Goldberg Machine that is Content Curation.

The Rube Goldberg Machine that is Content Curation.
By: Sally Wilson

One meaningful article

I’m starting by just writing down thoughts as they come to my mind, and then I will edit them later. This is the same approach I use when short-listing ideas for businesses that I would like to start (Note: maybe upload episodes of Notion to Motion later).

I have no expectations of a Pulitzer-winning article here. Just putting thoughts down, and executing. I think explaining this process will be the first article. Sort of a meta- article about writing this article.

Future Article Idea #1

I’m going to start by brainstorming – write about what I know. So let’s make a list of the things that I think I would be qualified to write about, and then rank them based on what people would be interested to read about

  1. Perspective on Fintech – from programmer to finance guy – a Kafka-esque metamorphosis?
    1. Disclaimer #1: people in finance are not cockroaches.
    2. Disclaimer #2: if you have not read “Metamorphosis” by Kafka, sorry for the spoiler.
  2. Perspective on being a CTO – what does it mean to balance tech + business priorities?
  3. Operating at the speed of now – Tips and Tricks on how to move an idea into implementation. Now. Like, Right Now.

One thing is clear, I will get crisper on this over time.

Find a role-model for becoming a better blogger

There are many things that I’m good at – dare I say, excel at. However, the length of that list is shorter than the things I’m not good at. How do I overcome that? Historically, one of the ways that I’ve acquired new skills has been to emulate someone who is more knowledgable in the space.

To accomplish this, I looked at websites and podcasts – two mediums I consume on a regular basis. I’m challenging myself to the “31 days to a better blog” challenge by David Rowse”.

Ok that’s it for content… now on to Form