Every year on September 12th, INSEAD celebrates Global INSEAD Day. September 12th was the day that the very first promotion at INSEAD (in 1959) had their very first day of class. This year was no different. The New York City Alumni Association saw over 100 alumni (and new admits) came together to celebrate the bond that is INSEAD.

The NYC Alumni of INSEAD chose to celebrate Global INSEAD Day at Houston Hall – an incredible authentic beer hall. Slowly, as the event unfolded and the crowd grew, we took over a rather large number of long tables – sitting elbow to elbow with friends, alumni, husbands, wives – INSEAD.

I had a chance to reflect on the event this morning during breakfast – three things occurred to me about this event (borrowing a page from The McKinsey Way):

  1. Community
  3. Self



What does Global INSEAD Day mean to the Alumni as a community? The short answer is – yet another strand in the fabric that holds us together. One more reason for us to get together and celebrate the experience that is INSEAD. An opportunity really to think about our role as a member of a society. For a few hours every year on this day, we gather all around the world – pockets of INSEAD alumni – and appreciate the common bond we share.


Same question – but this time focused on INSEAD. What does Global INSEAD Day mean to INSEAD the institution? Obviously, I am not an employee of INSEAD, my answers are speculative at best (Note: these are my opinions only)

  1. Brand-building – #GlobalINSEADDay, a Facebook page dedicated to Global INSEAD Day what better way to raise public awareness for the school. There is no silver bullet for raising a school’s brand awareness – it’s a combination of activities. Global INSEAD Day is one of several activities that the school does every year to raise brand awareness.
  2. Celebrating the newly admitted class – On Saturday, several ’16Ds were able to attend – eager about starting their journey at INSEAD. Global INSEAD Day provided a very nature forum for the new INSEAD admits to make contacts, network, and ask any last-minute questions that they might have as they head off to France and Singapore!


And lastly, what does Global INSEAD Day mean to me? The one word that comes to mind is legacy. Global INSEAD Day is one day that I pause to think about those that came before me. That very first promotion at INSEAD. What needed to be true for those guys? Back when classes were head at the Chateau Fontainebleau and classes were conducted in three languages (English, German, and French). How was the next promotion selected?

I had the honor of being part of the 50th anniversary promotion.  50 years of legacy preceded my time at INSEAD. I’m quite confident that another 50 more promotions will pass through the halls in the future. What am I doing to enhance the legacy?

Final Thought

Special thank you for everyone who attended Global INSEAD Day NYC.

Global Citizen Experiment Global INSEAD Day 2015

Great Friends.

Global Citizen Experiment Global INSEAD Day 2015

Great beer.

What you don’t see in these pictures, is that by this point in the afternoon, the entire back half of this enormous beer hall was INSEAD NYC.

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